HYALURONIC ACID In Skincare Informaion : Benefits, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

In cosmetic field, there are always new interesting research and ingredients to surprise us. Hyaluronic acid is another one. Now it is an ingredient which we can found in most beauty products due to its beneficial properties. It is present in almost all beauty products like lip gloss, eye shadows, moisturisers, etc.

Main profit of hyaluronic acid to our body is it works as moisturising substance in human body. It can help improve skin’s texture and appearance. It is one of the most popular ingredients in all the expensive anti-ageing skin serums. Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating substance for our body… it is found in the skin, within the eye sockets, inside the joints and in other tissues. It helps to retain collagen and improves moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits


It is supposed to hold up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water. It can help bind the skin cells to water and in turn infuse all the layers of skin with moisture.

Helps reduce wrinkles

It can help improve the skin’s appearance in merely a few weeks, and a study also suggests that products containing hyaluronic acid can effectively decrease the visibility of wrinkles and sagginess in about 30 days if used consistently

Treats sunburn and wounds

It can help treat cold sores, mouth sores, wounds, bites and burns. This is because of its ability to keeps damaged tissues moist. It also provides relief from sunburn.

It helps dry eyes and eye discomfort

Vitreous humor, the fluid found inside the eye socket is composed of hyaluronic acid. Some eye drops have it as their primary ingredient and can relieve chronic dry eyes. A few studies have also found that hyaluronic acid helps suppress damage caused by UVB light within the cornea.

Lubricated the joints and helps reduce pain

Hyaluronic acid has become on of the most popular ingredients in treating osteoarthritis. It is usually found in all bones, connecting tissues and cartilage structures throughout our body. It helps to make bones stronger and can help lower pain too. It also helps in reducing joint stiffness.


Uses(forms) of Hyaluronic acid:

– Hyaluronic acid injections
– Hyaluronic acid cream/ lotion/ serum
– Eyedrops


Possible side effects:

Although it is considered safe and is also sometimes taken by mouth or used topically on the skin and mouth, there are a few side effects one should be aware of.
1. It should be avoided by pregnant women or breastfeeding women
2. Commercial products containing hyaluronic acid are made from bacteria created in a lab or by bird protein. People allergic to birds should avoid.
3. Any allergy with this might cause redness of skin or even bleeding

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