Review Biosincron Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device | Helps Reduce Wrinkles & Eye Bags; Firms Face, Chin & Neck Skin | Made & Used in Europe for Over 15 Years | Gift Boxed with Bonus Gel & Battery

The application of microcurrent device is an extremely popular treatment for anti-aging and an extremely efficient tool utilized by many beauty therapists from all over the word. This microcurrent device works through supplying low-level of electrical current to facia skin so as to activate your skin’s natural chemical at a cellular stage.

This machine is normally found in many beauty salons, on the other hand some superb microcurrent devices most essentially made for the use right at the comfort of your home. Why you need to pay to beauty experts, if you can do it alone right at the comfort of your home? Introducing the beauty star microcurrent face lift device.

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Biosincron Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device Details

Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device is an extremely convenient and compact microcurrent device which has received superb reviews over the net. It has an assortment of power setting that is between 1 and 10. It is highly suggested to utilize the low setting then raise it till you get one you feel comfortable with. This device is battery operated and it comes with 9-volts for you to get started immediately. It also comes with a gel. 25 minutes a day are needed for one week. And after this, you can perform treatments every other day on a daily basis on neck and face areas which need cosmetic improvement.

This state of the art microcurrent device comes with essential feature such as rust proof gold plated metallic elements, rough molded-plastic parts, cordless design that don’t needs charging and self-sterilizing which never requires cleaning. It also comes with free bonus extras. This product is carefully packaged in sturdy, stunning gift box and a 2 ounce tune of Spectra 360 Electrode gel. This is made in the USA and intended to improve results. It also comes with easy to follow guide.

Why Consider Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device?

• Safely Eliminate Wrinkles
Why pay a lot for risky and invasive plastic surgery? The Beauty Star Microcurrent kindly tones skin, gets rid of wrinkles, lessen eye bags and much more. Without side effect and no pain!

• Years of Success
This product has been getting amazing results all through America for more than 15 years.

• High Quality
This microcurrent device is plated with real gold-rust proof, high conductive and sterile. What is more, each unit is integrated with generous tube of a high quality conductive gel.

• Convenience
Not like other devices available out there. This is 100 percent cordless. It doesn’t need a charger or a USB. Rather, it utilizes a 9V batter which lasts 100 hours.



You should see results from Beauty Star after 7 days if used as indicated. Generally, you see results right away since first usage. Your actual results may vary based on skin type and condition. Please use on a regular basis for optimal results.

This device uses Duracell 9V Alkaline battery. The battery lasts for 100 hours. The cost of replacement is $2-$3 per battery. I recommend to use water based gel or the bundled conductive gel that hydrates the skin prior to using this device. However, without any moisturizers – the device works well also.

Beauty Star provides ample amount of current for your cosmetic needs. The Ua range on this device is up to 500 micro amperes (The current that is measured in amperes depends on voltage and conductivity of the medium which is skin in this case). This device uses electrodes to Zapp the surface, and move the muscles and increase natural collagen production. The device allows you to adjust the current settings from level 1 to level 10. The recommend is to start each procedure at the lowest setting (1) and then slowly increase it until you feel a pleasant tingling.

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For deep forehead lines, it really works for the deep line…but you have to be consistent. Use it everyday for 2 weeks for 25 minutes per day (watch a tv show before bed) along with good skin care practice and a healthy diet (plenty of h2o). Then follow up with some maintenance. It’s not a one time procedure but it can make a big difference if you use it correctly.

This product has 1 year limited warranty.

Generous warranty: The Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device is supported by 1 year warranty. So, in case you find defects in 1 year of your purchase, you can bring it back and they will replace it for free. The state of the art Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device is one of the best beauty devices available. It revitalize aging skin, firm and lift jowls and saggy neck, lessen puffy eyebags, get rid of fine lines, cellulite and wrinkles, and minimize cold sores, bruises as well as pimples.