Review Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer Large 3 in 1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temp Control, 30 Min Steam Time, Unclogs Pores

Looking stylish but effective, The Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer is ionic in nature, a synergy of an ultrasonic vaporizer and highly heated element which together lead to the production of a negatively charged ionic Nanosteam. Nano steam and ionic water combination significantly have a stronger penetration power when exposed to the skin. This means you get a thorough cleaning routine of the skin which will enhance pore opening and better particle removal.


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This product also comes with a 5 piece skin kit which includes surgical grade blemish and blackhead extractor kit that help to enhance the Nano steamer’s function by helping you look radiant with the removal of unwanted blemishes. Another sensational feature of the Pure daily Care Nano steamer is its multi-functionality as it can also be used as a humidifier and contains a chamber where towels can be warmed to give you an extra feel of warmth and satisfaction.

This Nano Ionic Facial steamer has a very decent working time as you can keep its 200ml water tank silently operating actively for up to thirty minutes. Its ease of operation and use allows you to conveniently steam while placing it on your lap, giving you a superb exposure to the heat. The narrow neck of this Nano steamer is further streamlined perfectly to allow for a better steam output. With this enhanced product comes diverse benefits. Due to its mode of operation, a Nano steamer’s heat improves the rate of blood circulation as well oxygen uptake, making the cells healthier and culminating in a vibrantly looking skin. Its efficient action tremendously leads to better absorption of creams and helps in drainage of sinuses.

The 5 skin care regimen, dermatologically approved and safe for ultimate hygiene is a plus that comes with the Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer, and if strictly used, will enhance an even brighter look and noticeable change in vigor and appearance. The Nano steamer also has a decent weight, accruing just 2.5 pounds, thus allowing for easy carriage as you go about your trips. The device additionally comes with a carrying case so no worries about how to manage the add ons. The temperature regulator means you also have the option to heat at a desired temperature and not worry about over heating, giving you that Spa quality which really should be the essence of steaming.

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Not more can be sought of this product with its penetrating power and sebum removal in clogged pores giving you perfect exfoliation and cleaning. If you suffer from constant acne, then this product is for you. However, you may experience build up of organisms and subsequent loss in effectiveness. Its, thus, a huge step to take in salvaging the product’s integrity by cleaning and draining off excess water when not in use.

Leaving facial routines at the salon and picking up this product can’t be wrong afterall. And to sum it up, The Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer comes at a relatively cheap price as compared to other brands so it’s just an amazing product worth trying for an overall skin care, spiced with elegance and style.

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