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Nearly every teenager will suffer from acne. Hence, you are not alone if you’re on a surfing expedition for skin care solutions and acne treatments. Obviously acne breakouts and their remedies vary greatly. The occasional face acne, including the random zit or even breakouts related to monthly hormone changes, can often be treated with topical Read more

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Vitamin C is a vital vitamin that is essential for normal growth in the body. However, it is more useful to the skin especially the face. Because of its usefulness to the face, a lot of people prefer to use skincare products that have vitamin C e.g. concentrated vitamin C serums that are made for […] Read more

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Your skin is probably looking wrinkled, rough and old due to old age, don’t be disturbed there is still a remedy, and you are reading about the remedy right now. You skin is about to get real smooth and soft by using the right device with Argon Electrodes. You skin will be forced to look […] Read more The cosmetics arena can be competitive even for an experienced skincare expert. There are numerous products to pick from which promises to make you look really good and elegant. One of the best way to know if a serum or cleanser will be good for you is too check out the list of ingredients. Now […] Read more Methylene blue is a low-cost and common antioxidant that has been useful for the clinical treatment for different diseases. Recently, it was discovered to have anti-aging properties. Scientists at the University of Maryland have started conducting more research on the effect of methylene blue on the skin. Their research showed that it has the Read more

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In cosmetic field, there are always new interesting research and ingredients to surprise us. Hyaluronic acid is another one. Now it is an ingredient which we can found in most beauty products due to its beneficial properties. It is present in almost all beauty products like lip gloss, eye shadows, moisturisers, etc. Main profit of […] Read more

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The human skin is exposed to all sort of materials, along with that – both natural and artificial could damage the surface of the skin… Aside the usual exposure to Ultra Violet rays, aging also contributes to fast deterioration of the skin surface. Not just the face and neck but every part of the body. […] Read more There are a lot of different anti-ageing products on the market. You may have tried a few of them. Like us, you may even have discovered that most of them do not work. This is why we want to talk to you about the TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum. This product is being touted as […] Read more Have you ever wanted to make yourself look younger but really do not have the money to spend on those expensive anti-ageing products? Well, the Lift Care Wand 2.0 may be just what you need. This is an electronic device which claims it can have you looking younger in just 15 minutes. Can it? Well, […] Read more Looking stylish but effective, The Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer is ionic in nature, a synergy of an ultrasonic vaporizer and highly heated element which together lead to the production of a negatively charged ionic Nanosteam. Nano steam and ionic water combination significantly have a stronger penetration power when exposed to the skin. This means Read more