How to Prepare Yourself Before and After Doing Home Microdermabrasion | Microdermabrasion at Home and Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

In the part of facial skin care at home, microdermabrasion is the thing you shouldn’t miss. Even if you use machine or cream or any products or procedures such as exfoliating – all of these can be categorized as microdermabrasion

As much as we recommend home microdermabrasion systems here, we can’t just recommend jumping into a treatment without doing some basic things to prepare for a home treament.

But firstly before you do a microdermabrasion treatment, you should prepare yourself to be ready for the procedures. These are 2 steps to prepare yourself for microdermabrasion at home.

1. Select the right product to clean your face. If your facial skin is very sensitive – choose facial cleanser product that design for very sensitive skin…to avoid irritations as you exfoliate and the microdermabrasion gently removes that top layer of skin. Even if microdermabrasion just get rid of a very thin layer of top skin which leaves the underneath skin layer, that cannot build cells to protect itself at that time.

***Don’t doing microdermabrasion procedure more than 2 times per week with most home treatment machines. Because our skin require a time to generate & exposing new skin…and slowly dying again.

2. Avoid the sun’s light 2-3 days after you have microdermabrasion treatment. Also avoid all the things that harm your skin such as heavily scented creams and perfumes. Normally, our skin will fully regenerated about 2 days – so during this time, protect your skin from such harm things like I explained.

Significant benefit of DIY home microdermabrasion treatment is it can make your skin feel better immediately after the procedure. You will feel that your skin feel fresh, looking younger…and the treatment is very cheap 🙂