Is Microdermabrasion Safe? | Microdermabrasion at Home and Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

This skin treatment is harmless; so far you follow the right safety instructions. Some people experience minor side effects from microdermabrasion, like sensitive skin or irritation, but these side effects fade after a few days. You can reduce these side effects by adhering to professional recommendations on how often and when to use it.

For instance, the reason someone might have side effects is because they are using their microdermabrasion machine too often. Instead of leaving the skin to heal between usages, the skin is being rubbed raw and it reacts and become sensitive. If used frequently, it can damage the skin and cause discomfort. Little treatments can do a lot, so you do not need to misuse your microderm machine. It is better to find a good balance for your treatment schedule, and do it regularly once you know the frequency that works best for your skin.