Microdermabrasion: How Does it Work? | Microdermabrasion at Home and Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

Microdermabrasion procedure focus at the epidermis (not the dermis), it get rid of dead skin cells of the top layer of the skin…so it effects deeper layers of skin to be painful.

The operator constantly moves the microdermabrasion tool over the target skin area, together with applying steady pressure to remove the stratum corneum without affecting the lower skin layers. A standard session normally has 1 – 3 passes with the tool. Usually, the patient should be applied specialized lotions and creams to the affected area during sessions by the operator. Microdermabrasion process rehydrates the target area and help to promote healthier new skin.

See Microdermabrasion Process in Video Below…

Beneficial Effects

After the process, the surface of our skin is improved. Our body system will heal the skin, brings the newer skin cells that bright looking and feel smoother. The skin’s issues were removed – such as sun damage, blemishes and fine lines. And also when top layer dead skin cells were removed, medicinal creams and lotions will become more effective because more of those active ingredients and moisture can easily percolate to the deep layers of skin. (Normally, after the procedure, we always apply moisturizing creams to the skin)

Repeating microdermabrasion treatment at regular basis (but shouldn’t more than twice a week) effecting the lower layers of skin grow, so it effects to remove deeper blemishes over time. Quickly loss of skin moisture may cause the lower skin layers to work excessing to produce new cells up to the skin surface.