Review #1 BEST Skin Cleansing FACE and BODY BRUSH Microdermabrasion Exfoliator System – Pore Minimizer – Acne Spots and Acne Scar Treatment – Body Acne Remover – Dark Spot Corrector – Perfect Skin Brushing System for Women and Men by ESS | Microdermabrasion at Home and Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

Described with several names, this body cleansing from Essential Skin Solutions is the number one system for treating your acne scars and correcting dark spots, as well as an excellent brushing option for the skin of women. This is the ultimate product designed for the woman who desires a beach body within a short time.

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What are the Main Components of the Systems

The system comes with a hand-held cleansing and massaging system. An exfoliating body brush, a firm facial brush and a Sensitive Facial Brush in addition to the Pumice Stone, which ensure that the rough patches on the heels and feet are smoothened. It also comes with a small micro-dermabrasion firm facial brush.

The Perfect Skin Cleanser

This system contains two facial exfoliator brushes for various types of skin. Clogged pores are cleansed by the rotating cleansing brush that is waterproof while evening out the skin tone. This system is crucial in minimizing large pores and reducing red spots on the skin. It rejuvenates dead skin cells making them to appear clean and vibrant.

Skin Care and Smoother

You can shower with the waterproof scrubber to enhance circulation while exfoliating the skin. Enhanced circulation tightens the skin to reduce cellulite appearance through wet or dry brushing. If used before shaving, the growth of ingrown hair is halted. The body brush exfoliator helps in achieving a smooth, even toned skin.

The System’s Ability to Reduces Wrinkles

Critical in ensuring wrinkles are reduced on the skin while reducing the incidence of dark-brown and ageing spots. Additionally, the body brush is excellent in remove spots on the chest, back and hands. Keeping your skin uniformly younger.

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Treating Acne and Removing Scars

The system clears out acne on the skin while reducing the appearance of acne spots since it cleans deep inside the pores without affecting your skin. It keeps the skin clear to prevent scars or remove them using the exfoliating facial cleanser brush. Black heads and milia are also removed by the brush.