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From time immemorial, clay has been used as a facial beauty enhancer. Clay has been used as a facial mask for centuries for refreshing and beautifying the facial skin. History provides great evidences for this. More than 1800 years ago, Cleopatra used the clay of the Arabian Desert and the Nile River for something called her beauty ritual and about 4000 years ago, roman and german spas have been using clay packs and treatments. Spas use this type of treatment even until today.

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Product Overview

From this traditional use of clay, is derived the product, Aztec secret Indian healing clay. From the documented traditional history, specific type of clay that has been used for this kind of purpose is bentonite or green clay.

Aztec secret also uses the bentonite clay from various places like California and Death Valley where the temperature is as high as 134 degrees and the clay is exposed to the conditions of sun drying for a period of about 6 months.

Aztec secret is made to be a home product which provides solutions for the common problems of today, like, Acne, facials and insect bites and also for certain relaxer procedures like Foot soaks, Clay bath, Body wraps and chilled clay for knee packs. And all these benefits can be enjoyed at home without any extra efforts.

Product Review

This has been a great selling product, especially on amazon with a sales rank of 37. The dimensions of the Aztec secret product is 2x2x2 inches with a weight of about 1.1 pounds. The best aspect of this health and personal care product is that it is useful not only to the youngsters but also to the old aged people having knee problems.

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This product has been selling as the most powerful facial agent of the world which provides a major benefit of cleansing of deep pores. It is made typically to preserve the natural effects of the clay without adding any extra chemicals and is made of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. The price of Aztec secret is another add on to its worth. Affordable by everyone, this is one of the few products in the world that holds broad spectrum benefits unlike the synthetic products used as the beauty enhancers that come with various side effects. It is ensured to not contain any additives, animal products and fragrances being a full-fledged home usage product, preferred by all age groups at home.