Review High Frequency D’arsonval Professional Grade Device with Argon Electrodes

Your skin is probably looking wrinkled, rough and old due to old age, don’t be disturbed there is still a remedy, and you are reading about the remedy right now. You skin is about to get real smooth and soft by using the right device with Argon Electrodes. You skin will be forced to look clean and toned within a week of constant usage. Aside making you look younger, the skin dirts such as acne will be get rid of.

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Why You Should Get High Frequency D’arsonval Professional Grade Device with Argon Electrodes?

Your skin tissues are tired and worn out due to stress and old age, something has to be done about it if you intend to look young. With the device, your skin will be refined and made to look new. There will be an increase in circulation of nutrient all over your skin as a result of usage. As the device aids dequamation and produces an erythema which gives the skin an improved colour tone. Your skin will be dried of excess and fat, making your skin firm and better.

Description of High Frequency D’arsonval Professional Grade Device with Argon Electrodes

The dvice relies on the principle of high frequency alternative that produces a current of 200000 cycles per second. It is so rapid it does not stimulate motor or sensory nerves. Professional Grade High Frequency D’Arsonval device allows to perform two methods of HF applications: direct and indirect.

Professinal High Frequency Portable device has on/off intensity regulator, a plastic handle and a selection of 7 glass electrodes which fit into the handle and come in different shapes and sizes: saturator electrode (this electrode is used for indirect high frequency and is held by client to complete the circuit), mushroom shaped electrode (the most frequently used electrode), horse shoe-shaped electrode (shaped to fit the neck and large areas), fulgulator electrode (rod shaped and used to spark pustules), the roller electrode (used over a special cream and gauze in direct high frequency).

In reality, this is not a magic wand that does all the work without your input, you must consistently use the product to achieve a considerable result on your skin. Aside all listed the product will help to make you feel relaxed and confident of your look.

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Overview of Features

• Direct and Indirect High Frequency application
• On/Off Intensity Regulator
• 7 Glass Electrode
• Plastic Handle


• Fast Action
• Works well on sensitive skin


• Not effective after many usage