Review LAVO Giro Face Cleansing Brush, Exfoliator for Facial Microdermabrasion – Pore Minimizer, Blackhead Remover, Acne Scar Treatment, Dark Spot Corrector

Elegant, safe, astonishingly effective and easy to use, the new LAVO Giro Face Cleansing brush is a must have to give you the superb and sleek look. With a cordless IPX6 rated water proof design, you are guaranteed of a seamless use even under the shower, without compromising the cleansing ability.

The LAVO Face cleansing brush also serves a tender handling with its Rubberized construction, making it easy to use and handle. Face cleansing brushes are meant to be safe and friendly on the face and that’s why The LAVO Giro Face cleansing brush commands unbelievably soft bristles, not compromising deep penetration while clearing off acne spots and pores with the most tenderly touch you can imagine.


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Compare with other brands and you find either a brush too soft, lacking deep penetration, or too strong, causing more havoc than good. However, there is definitely a LAVO brush best suited for your facial need as the new Face cleanser comes with two brush. A hard and soft one to match your skin type, thus whether you desire a casual face cleansing before bedtime to ward off adherents from a stressful day or opt for an even deeper exfoliation with the hard but friendly brush, you are well catered for.

The soft brush means you need not worry over possible dermal abrasion during use, no matter how delicate a skin you possess. Each brush head is very easy to attach, and detaches just as easy too, while staying firm during use. LAVO Giro Face cleansing brush prides its ability to give a 600% superior effectiveness and deep action over traditional hand cleansing routines. When compared to other brands, this cleansing brush is a bargain as it is more budget friendly, and of course, exceedingly terrific in its action. The smoothening effect ensures you bid farewell to wrinkles and fine lines that occur over time, making your skin lush, free of white and blackheads and also normalizing dry and flaky skin.

Although this product comes with a succinct user manual for easy use, The LAVO brand also have a round the clock customer support to give any technical help or receive any complaints or challenge you may contend with during your use of this amazing face cleansing brush. What more, no matter how frequent you travel, the new LAVO face cleansing brush is crafted for easy carriage and fits your luggage to give you an on demand use as suits you.

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Ensure to keep dry after use to prevent bacteria build up on the brush head which may portend a significant chance of bacteria infiltration of the face, inhibiting the effectiveness and ability of the brush to perform optimally. If you desire quality, deep action, a sensationally fragile yet effective brush cleansing treatment for your face, then there is hardly a better fit for you than this facial cleansing brush from LAVO.