Review ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System with Facial Brush | Microdermabrasion at Home and Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

Reviewing this popular product, let’s start with its Pros and Cons

Pros of ProX by Olay Cleansing System

  • Easily remove any foreign object in your face including other hard to remove make-up giving you freedom to use any make-up.
  • It is perfect for use in the shower because it is water resistant.
  • ProX by Olay gently cleanses as it smoothens the skin.
  • ProX by Olay is perfect for use for all types of skin.


  • ProX by Olay system increases skin sensitivity hence risk of skin burns if used and same skin exposed to the sun.
  • ProX by Olay is notorious will causing skin irritation.

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Concluding word

Olay Pro-X is better in several ways when choosing grooming products. The product is easier to use and is fit to carry when travelling. Perhaps the Olay Pro-X is the only motor driven exfoliating that uses granules and will not crush your skin. The price and functionality makes this product affordable even if you have any other product for the same purpose.

Product Overview

ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System takes your skin cleansing and exfoliation to another level. This system makes things easier for your skin. The lathery formula gently exfoliates your skin as it cleans it. It is easier to control how the cleansing action of the brush with the 2 speeds available. Your skin feels smoother and fresher when used with the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser. The system is designed in partnership with and approved by Global Derm Alliance (a partnership of globally-renowned dermatologists).

Inside the Kit

The system is inclusive of characteristic 2-speed cleansing brush for the face, renewal exfoliating cleanser (0.68 fl. oz.), a cleansing brush head, and 2 AA Duracell batteries.

How to Use

Make your facial skin and the brush head damp with water. Apply the ProX by Olay Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser on your hand and massage it over your face. Gently move the cleansing brush after turning it on around your face for about 60 seconds cautiously to avoid the eye area. After this, rinse your face and the cleansing brush head using water. You can use it daily for a deep cleansing of your skin to make it fresh and smooth.

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Functional Description of Cleansing and Exfoliation

The 2-speed rotating facial cleansing brush provides you with gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing of your skin. The ProX by Olay Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser pays a role in the renewal of texture of the skin leaving it with a fresh, smooth feeling. The facial cleansing system offers an upper hand when it comes to removing sticky makeup. It can be used in the shower since it is water-proof.

Replacement of Brush Heads

You don’t have to throw away the entire system when its parts wear out. Ideally, you need to change the brush head after every 3 months or when the bristles wear out. Extra brush heads can be purchased easily and cheaply whenever necessary.