Review RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin. Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine | Microdermabrasion at Home and Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin is certainly one of the better products on the market when it comes to cleansing and exfoliating skin that is plagued with acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, whiteheads, and much more. Imperfections of the skin can be very embarrassing and frustrating to deal with, but this particular device is a great investment to make for healthier and better-looking skin. With a professional-grade design and multiple speed suction settings, you really couldn’t ask for much more than this.

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Pros and Cons

The best thing about Rejuvaderm MD is that it is so incredibly effective, and that is because of its spa-grade design and technology. This machine uses dual action exfoliation extraction to remove all of the things that cause imperfections in the skin, including dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum. These things clog up the pores of the skin, leading to the formation of acne and other types of blemishes. Another great thing about this device is that it offers users multiple settings, so you will be able to choose how much suction you want to use depending on the part of your face or body you are exfoliating.

One of the most common complaints about most exfoliating/microdermabrasion home machines is that their suction is too powerful and causes bruising and discomfort, but this is no longer an issue because of the numerous speed setting that you will have to choose from. The exfoliation, extraction, and infusion process that this device uses has proven to be very effective for many people who want to improve the look and feel of their skin.

This 3-in-1 device is great for removing dead skin cells and a number of other things for brighter, healthier, softer skin. Some people who have purchased this device have commented on its high price, but you definitely get your money’s worth with how effective it is. Other negative comments on this product are that this product simply doesn’t do what they want it to, but it won’t work the same for everyone. Not everyone has the same type of skin or imperfections, so the results will obviously vary based on a wide range of factors.


•    Dual action exfoliation extraction •    Lightweight design •    Multiple suction speed settings

•    Versatile design that allows for use on all parts of body and face

RejuvadermMD is a spa-grade device that is designed to reverse the effects of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, liver spots, and other skin imperfections such as acne scars and sun damage. Those who want brighter, healthier, softer, and smoother skin will definitely be interested in everything this product has to offer. This device offers dual action exfoliation extraction, which is a method that uses a diamond tip for abrasion and a vacuum motor to suction out dead skin cells, sebum, dirt, and whiteheads from the pores. This tool has a number of different speed settings, allowing you to control the suction on various parts of your face and body.